Our dreams are lush, shiny and full hairs. Therefore, hair loss due to every hair falling on women, not only to return to the hair of the house, but also causes the burning of the interior. So why are these hairs falling out?

Women, as hereditary (genetic) hair loss, especially in the crown region, is common in the area of ​​the front hairline. In some women, we find hair loss in the early 20s and hair loss in the region we mentioned in time. This is called female-type hair loss in women. You might not be genetically good people with hair, but you can have very thin and sparse relatives in your family. But first, before you reach such a judgment, we recommend that you have a treatable disease that causes your hair loss.

Anemia and thyroid diseases trigger hair loss, and in fact these are the conditions that can be treated. In particular, Hashimoto's thyroid disease is the most common form of hair loss. However, this condition is diagnosed with a blood test. If you have male hair loss, consult a specialist first and have your tests done.

Bring your hair very tight and shape by pulling with rubber buckles, long ventilation to keep a long-lasting headscarf or hats are the factors that cause female hair loss. In this way, your hair touches the material touching rubbing or causing the hair follicles to experience trauma. You can prevent this kind of hair loss by connecting your hair very tightly and from time to time.

Although it is said that long hair causes female hair loss, there is no research done in this subject. There is no connection between the long hair and the hair loss. Shampoos do not shed your hair, and even products such as Doctor B Hair Fit can prevent hair loss and prevent spillage. You should pay attention to the fact that it is not only rinsed well and that there are chemical residues in the roots. In addition, dyeing, perming and other hair treatments do not cause hair loss unless they come into contact with the skin. They can only cause severe burns and hair breakage.