Feel Younger, Feel Healthier, Feel Better
Launched in 2015, Doctor B Active Cosmetics are the products developed by Aesthetic, Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgeon M.D. Bülent Cihantimur. The products have been developed with a good plan well aware of the skin type in particular, anatomy and what the consumer needs first of all and what the consumer requests.
Feeling young, healthy and good
The advanced products are based on feeling younger, healthier and better. All products address the five senses and emphasize the importance of feeling better which has a great influence on health, energy and staying young.
It’s different
It’s owned by an Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. They are special products which have never existed in Turkey, they are professional cosmetics.
It’s functional
It provides multiple benefits to the consumer with a single product.
It’s symbolic
Tailored to personal satisfaction .
It reduces risks
Its formula includes special ingredients accepted worldwide and awarded. The risk of any allergy or skin problem has been reduced.
Strategic approach
Immensely investing in research and development, Doctor B Active Cosmetics create a product range which enables people to gain a face-and-body care with professional products at home, close to the aesthetic effect carried out by aesthetic surgeons.