Everyone is talking about natural hair, because unfortunately, every hair product sold in the market, especially paraben, many chemicals are used, and these chemicals, such as cancer, triggered many diseases, hair follicles cause problems. Although the concept of hair type is formed, in fact, according to many phytotherapy specialists, our lifestyle and eating habits constitute the basic structure of our hair rather than the type of hair. In fact, hair, color, elongation rate, thickness or thinness genetically, our inherited properties are derived. If your hair is dry or oily, it is not a genetic feature, it is formed by your diet and the chemical shampoos you apply.

If you pay attention to your sleep, fatty, spicy and sugary food, stress and the harmful effects of the sun, you will see many hair problems solved.

Experts say that hair dyes and chemical hair treatments are very damaging to hairs, even hair follicles. For centuries there are many useful herbs known to be good for the hair. Natural hair care herbs:

For dry hair, elderflower, parsley, nettle and sage

If you want to add volume and shine to your hair, you can boil and mix in your shampoo, watercress, goose, rosemary and linden flowers.

If you have dandruff problems, you can use any of the yellow daisy, black wormwood, nettle and thyme plants.

If you do not have time to do any of these, you can use the Doctor B Hait Fit shampoo with peace of mind. Shampoo formulation developed with herbal stem cell technology will be a remedy for your hair loss problem.