Face masks are often the savior of every woman. After a tired day or at weekends, our skin masks to clean our skin are used to refresh, relax pores and soothe the skin. The main function of the face masks is to remove the dirt from the skin and stimulate the blood circulation and tighten the skin. When you apply according to your skin type with the right techniques, you will notice a noticeable freshness and reduction in your wrinkles. If you pay attention to the issues we wrote below before applying the face masks, you will see a new woman emerged from under the mask.

When applying facial masks, always try to keep your feet at a higher level than your head after your skin is slightly damp and you put your mask on. This allows the blood to flow towards your face, allowing the circulation to move towards your face.

If you have problems such as a detention purple or detention bag, then close the area with cucumber rings. This will help cool your detention and also help accelerate the skin's ability to suck.

We recommend that you put the face mask on your face for about half an hour. If the mask is peeled like a mold from the bottom up, from the end of the chin to your hair to the bottom of your hair. A mask that does not peel off, you can wash with warm water and remove it from your skin.

In particular, we recommend that you do not use a grain or clay based face mask before any social activity because it may cause some redness and swelling of the skin depending on the content of the face mask. If your skin is sensitive and allergic, especially if you apply mask to your skin 2-3 days before the social activity, you will not have any problems.

Avoid frequent skin mask application. If you live in a city that has a lot of air pollution, if you smoke, if you do make-up every day once a week to apply mask. We recommend that you apply a mask once a week, especially during the winter months and in the summer months.

When you remove the skin mask, your pores are opened and your skin needs moisture. Depending on your skin type, you should always apply a tonic and moisturizer.